Friday, 7 December 2018

Shamit Khemka, growth with honest business practices

Shamit Khemka, a man known for his honesty and transparent business practices, started his IT venture – SynapseIndia – in 2000. Since then there has been no turning back from success. Always crediting his success to the employees of SynapseIndia, he says, “This journey would haven't been possible without the honest and strong workforce that we have today.” His statement is no less than a testimony to the fact that SynapseIndia has never failed any client from all over the world in delivering qualitative work.

While establishing the foundation of SynapseIndia, Mr. Shamit Khemka had only one thing in his mind – create an honest and transparent work environment. His ideology has not just motivated the employees but has also marked an unshakable reputation of the company in the IT sector around the globe. Furthermore, the work methods employed by the staff members of SynapseIndia includes rigorous testing practices so that every project gets delivered with zero errors/ bugs.

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Shamit Khemka, always appreciates hard-workers

Shamit Khemka, the SynapseIndia founder, has never failed in appreciating his employees in various ways. As a man of his words, he has always supported the various programs and awarding the employees to encourage the good work done by them, since the inception of the company in 2000. His ideology for extends to providing the employees with a proper work-life balance and healthy meals during the day. By offering flexible work timings, the company makes sure that every employee gets to work as per their convenience.

An ardent supporter of Yoga, Mr. Shamit Khemka knows how important it is to recognize the potential of every individual. This is why an impeccable work environment is what people working at SynapseIndia experience every day. Following the CMMI Level 3 standards, it becomes more easy for the management to appreciate the good work done by the employees. Working in SynapseIndia is like growing and grooming yourself under skilled mentors.

Friday, 30 November 2018

Shamit Khemka – Advises start-up to always have an advisor on-board

Shamit Khemka, an active advisor for many start-ups, talks about the importance of having an advisor on-board in an IT start-up. His experience is driven by running a tech-company – SynapseIndia – for the past two decades. Speaking about the IT start-ups, he says, “An IT start-up is no less than a roller coaster ride with much ups and downs. Having an advisor on-board is the key to understand the growth of a company.” He further advises a list of fact that a start-up must remember always -

1. Hire people who can contribute.
2. Plan all goals, be it short-term, long-term or medium term.
3. Invest your time in meaningful start-up networking events only.
4. The investment attained must be properly planned beforehand.
5. Know what works for your start-up and what does not. Be ready to eliminate that does not suit.
6. Groom your social circle in a way it defines your start-up perfectly.

Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Shamit Khemka – Government should expand their online presence

Shamit Khemka, founder and serial entrepreneur, has always sided the fact that government should share their achievements with the people. Running a giant IT-firm – SynapseIndia - for the past two decades, he says, “Democracy always demands transparency between the two active participants – the people and the government in action.” With the expansion of digital means, reaching to the people has become quick and government should make a better use of these means.

With a pool of talented experts and experienced professionals, SynapseIndia can help in getting the achievements and milestones of the government reach billions. Furthermore, such a step will prove extremely beneficial in the following manner -

1. If the government communicates with its people in regard to the milestones achieved, the people will feel more confident in the governance of the existing government.
2. The number of voters voting in favour will increase.
3. The information shared regarding the work done also induces positivity among the people.

Friday, 23 November 2018

Shamit Khemka – Rejoicing team-driven success

Shamit Khemka, a passionate IT professional and the founder of SynapseIndia, gets emotional while celebrating the Foundation Day every year. In his words, ”The road to success is a team effort put in by the impeccable team of SynapseIndia that has simply grown into a family and such a day, every year, awards me with an opportunity to connect more with my family.” No less entertaining for the employees, the ambiance of this day fills everyone with the pride and an exclusive moment to celebrate achievements.

In an effort to make the upcoming 19th Foundation day more pleasing, the company has already begun its planning. The event will be organized in the month of February 2019. From a delightful trip to a complete evening full of happy moments, this event holds yet another memory book to be unfolded in the future. Rejoining with one another, this day becomes the bonding time for all the employees of SynapseIndia.

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Shamit Khemka on Investing in AI, Big Data & Cloud Computing

Shamit Khemka, who founded SynapseIndia in 2000, plans to invest more in emerging technologies such as Big Data, AI, and Cloud Computing. In his words, ”Growth becomes certain when you invest into applications or technologies of the future.” Being in the IT industry for more than two decades now, Mr. Shamit Khemka has always remained in favor of upgrading to new technologies and the trends related to it.

Speaking on the latest trends in Artificial Intelligence, he strongly advocates the unification of AI tools and development platforms. Furthermore, he puts emphasis on the rise of predictive analysis trend in Big Data. Also, Big Data is evolving at an unbelievable pace, unlike any other business process.

On Cloud Computing trends, he says that server-less cloud computing is on the rise along with the growing demand of cloud-based container system. According to him, the world will soon witness Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning taking the center stage.

Friday, 16 November 2018

SynapseIndia is Google Partner – a Way to Maintain an Association With Google

Shamit Khemka says that SynapseIndia has maintained a close association with Google through the Google Partner program created by the latter. The partnership status, according to him, has helped SynapseIndia experience a dramatic change in its reputation as a software vendor. SynapseIndia saw a remarkable rise in its recognition among leading brands across industries throughout the world. Additionally, the partner status provided the company with Google certified professionals who have years of experience in software development and analysis. 

Also, the partner badge provides the company access to Google's beta features and enables testing of the features before their availability to general users. Mr. Khemka highlights the measures taken SynapseIndia to maintain its status as a Google Partner. The company ensures that all development processes are executed by Google certified professionals and analysts. Moreover, the company spends a substantial amount of money as ad revenue to maintain the partner status with Google.

Friday, 2 November 2018

Shamit Khemka – Introduce Big Data to Improve Service Quality

Shamit Khemka says that businesses of all kinds should harness the power of big data to grow in an intensely competitive market. Implementation of big data, according to him, can drastically change the way companies market their products and services. The technology could also help businesses customize their products and services according to changing demands of consumers. He suggests marketers to create a team of big data experts, data analysts, and branding experts to implement the big data strategy most effectively. He emphasizes on the need for understanding the nitty-gritty of big data before diving deep into its applications and the subsequent results. 

According to Mr. Khemka, the entire process of collection, analysis, and implementation can be made dramatically hassle-free by choosing a big data & analytics services provider. Expert analytics services from a big data company can help businesses achieve their end goals-- such as increasing profit, expanding market share, and reaching out to more consumers.

Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Shamit Khemka – Increasing Brand Reputation Through Offshore Outsourcing

Shamit Khemka, the founder & managing director of the IT company SynapseIndia, believes that ambitious businesses should outsource their services in order to grow in a competitive market. Outsourcing to an offshore company, according to him, can bring immense benefits to businesses operating in developed countries. He highlights potential benefits associated with outsourcing, such as a rise in popularity and engagement of a brand among customers through discounts on products/services. 

This can be achieved by dramatically reducing operating costs with the help of outsourcing, he says. It is well known that lower labor costs in developing countries have long helped large corporations in the developed world grow their business. While emphasizing the crucial role of outsourced services, Mr. Khemka outlines the services offered by SynapseIndia. For example, its customized software development services are focused on delivering precise, and effective software solutions. He notes that the company has been a leading offshore software services provider. Its reputation as a trusted software vendor has been built on the foundation of its history of delivering world-class software services to clients across the globe.

Friday, 26 October 2018

Shamit Khemka – Essential IoT Skills can pave way for a bright future

Shamit Khemka started his IT venture with SynapseIndia in 2000. With time, he added multiple technologies to his expertise and is recently focusing on the new future technology - Internet of Things. A team of IoT usually has the following members -
1. Mechanical engineer
2. Embedded systems designer
3. Electrical engineer
4. Industrial designer
5. Front-end and back-end developer
6. Product manager.

To become a member of this team, one must have the following skills, depending on the developer's area of learning -

Business Intelligence

The knowledge of smart devices in regard to the collection, analysis, and storage of data streams is necessary.

Information Security
Security is a major concern in Internet of Things, therefore a developer with security skills for this platform is a must.

UI/UX Design
IoT is completely about the consumer, ergo, a designer with proper skills to create an excellent interface between the device and the consumer is always in demand.

Thursday, 25 October 2018

Shamit Khemka Leverages Decades-Long Experience To Guide Shashwat Bharatam

Shamit Khemka, the founder of the IT services company SynapseIndia, has consistently supported the digital initiative called Shashwat Bharatam introduced by the Eternal Hindu Foundation. He was selected as a mentor of the digital & technical team of the Eternal Hindu Foundation to guide the organization on its digital strategies. Mr. Shamit Khemka leverages his technical knowledge and professional expertise to guide the Foundation's digital programs.

The Eternal Hindu Foundation aims to empower, teach and motivate the Hindus in India. In order to achieve this goal, the foundation has introduced an array of activities through digital, social and other mediums. Shashwat Bharatam mainly focuses on teaching the Hindus the true essence of Bharat and its significant elements. The digital initiative helps spread awareness and expand support for initiatives like Swabhimani Bharat, Parakrami Bharat, and Swawlambi Bharat.

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Shamit Khemka: IoT no longer an uncommon tech

Shamit Khemka believes that the Internet of Things holds a strong position in the future. The use of this technology has increased tremendously in the past few years and continues to grow for a stable position in the future. IoT has now become one of the most promising, exciting, and a widely adopted technology in the tech industry.

From being used at home and at your workplace, the Internet of Things has a significant impact on our day-to-day lives. This technology has changed the way humans interact with devices. Being a powerful system of 4 distinctive components (connectivity, devices, data processing, and a user interface), IoT is defined as a established connectivity of a device with cloud via internet. The data when reaches to the cloud, gets processed by software so that the final decision is taken on the action performed.

Becoming the beacon of future technology, IoT has various aspects which are yet to discovered.

Monday, 22 October 2018

Shamit Khemka to mentor the team of Eternal Hindu Foundation

Shamit Khemka, an IT expert since 1994, has always supported Shashwat Bharatam. This is a program which was started by Eternal Hindu Foundation. Moreover, the foundation has chosen Mr. Shamit Khemka to mentor their Digital & Technical team. This move will help the foundation to grow their motive digitally, thereby, spreading their motive among all the Hindus of India.

The foundation has always wanted to support and educate the Hindus. The young generation today has more interest in the social networking sites which has eventually led to the growth of people with less knowledge of India, Sanatan Dharam and its elements. To increase the same, the foundation has now started various initiatives. 2 ghate mandir ke naam is one of the prominent among them. 

According to this, the foundation has marked various temples as devalay from all over the country where certain activities will be conducted to help and uplift the people in need. All those who want to volunteer can do so and thus, will be called as Sevaks. These sevaks can offer their services and knowledge as per their skill set during the weekdays or weekends. Depending on the choice, the sevaks are requested to provide 2 hours for the same.

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Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Shamit Khemka – The Advantages of Moving to the Cloud Computing

Shamit Khemka emphasizes the advantages of employing cloud computing in a business, focusing on the key benefits like affordability and efficiency. Cloud services use the power of a number of data servers in different data centers to provide businesses with cloud-based software solutions. Examples include the customer relationship management platform SalesForce, and the project management system Mavenlink. These solutions can replace the need for maintaining on-premise software applications. 

The adoption of cloud services can have a striking impact on the efficiency of a business. The technology allows businesses to integrate their processes with different services offered by the cloud. Features like automatic synchronization of products and stocks on an eCommerce store have proven their potential. Industries like manufacturing, high-tech, and telecommunication have already faced pressure to become 100% cloud-based in order to provide a unified system. Cloud services are available via models like software-as-a-service (SaaS), infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), and platform-as-a-service (PaaS).

Saturday, 6 October 2018

Shamit Khemka: Are you looking for an eCommerce development company?

Shamit Khemka says that having an eCommerce website is not all that you need to become a hot merchant. Rather; you need an online store that can easily pull more and more targeted customers to it and, eventually, increase your sales and return on investment. And, for this, you will need the help of a renowned, trusted and duly certified eCommerce development company, such as SynapseIndia.

The company has received accreditation and certifications from all trusted eCommerce development platforms. It is a Shopify Partner, WooCommerce Partner, BigCommerce Partner and has other certifications as a proof of its commitment towards and command in the industry. Whether you wish to set up a brand new online store or want to upgrade and maintain an existing one, SynapseIndia should be your ideal eCommerce development company for all needs.

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Shamit Khemka: Mobile app is recommended along with the website

Shamit Khemka suggests that businesses can increase their profitability, if they go for mobile app development as well along with website development. He says that having a website is a must for venturing online. But, without mobile app for your business, you may be losing on a huge potential customer base. Popularity of mobile phones and mobile apps is increasing among people of all ages and regions, these days. And, for this reason; it is a good idea for all businesses to go for mobile app development as well, besides website development.

You can increase the number of visitors to your website for increasing your profitability. All that you need to do is simply have a mobile app also launched and promoted along with your website. The trend of using mobile apps is quite popular among people of all ages, these days. The main reason behind the popularity of mobile apps is that they provide quick access to the important and useful features that users need.

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Saturday, 22 September 2018

Shamit Khemka: This is just the right time for govt. to outsource their IT work to SynapseIndia

Shamit Khemka highly recommends the government and all govt. agencies to outsource their OT works and operations to SynapseIndia. Among the top reasons why you should choose SynapseIndia as your IT outsourcing partner is that you will get access to highly talented, experienced and competent IT professionals without having to spend money and time on resource management.

We have some of the most efficient and experienced developers in our office and we maintain world class infrastructure and computers with best configurations, so that the diverse IT needs of our global clientele can be met effortlessly. Our experience in the industry and rich knowledge of the industry enables us to deliver out-of-the-box and best in class websites, software, mobile apps and IT enabled solutions to clients from all over the world. Government agencies can also benefit a lot from our rich experience in the industry.

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Shamit Khemka: Do you want to win elections? Opt for SynapseIndia ORM

Shamit Khemka says that your image and reputation among your potential voters and targeted audiences is most important. If you want to win elections, then you must work on your image. Through SynapseIndia ORM, you can ensure enhanced trust among your potential voters and, as a result, increase your chances of winning elections. Through ORM, we will present only the most positive and reliable information among your voters who search for your name on the Internet and Google.

Whenever they type your name in Google search box, they will get only positive and good information about you. As a result, trust will increase in your abilities as their future leader. Since modern voters spend more time on the Internet and the reach of digital media has extended to the suburban as well as rural areas as well, besides the urban parts of the world, you can gain a lot from your improved reputation on the digital media. So, opt for SynapseIndia ORM services to enjoy a competitive advantage in next elections.

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Monday, 17 September 2018

Shamit Khemka: Politicians must go for online branding

Shamit Khemka believes that ensuring success in political career requires immense efforts on part of the political leaders and activists. A small smudge on your image can kill your chances of success in your political career. Trust is the biggest factor here! You cannot expect people to choose you for any leadership position, unless they really trust you and your abilities for the role. It is, thus, highly recommended that you go for online branding. 

Politicians can gain a lot from online branding, particularly in modern times, when people spend maximum time reading, viewing videos and searching important stuff online rather than discussing with people. This is the age of internet and if you are not a brand on the Internet, you cannot win the trust of your targeted audiences and potential voters. So, online branding is a must for politicians.

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Shamit Khemka: Municipalities should opt for branding & online promotion

Shamit Khemka suggests that municipalities can gain a lot from online promotion and branding. If you thought that branding and online promotion is something that only private firms need and use for promoting their brand/ business/ offering and earning good reputation among targeted audiences, there is something you are missing. The scenario is changing at an amazing pace. And, today, you can see several government agencies also going for online promotion and marketing. The benefits of branding are countless and few include: increased trust among people, improved reputation among targeted audiences, more opportunities of business, growth & success, and several others. 

Now; because municipalities have to deal directly with the day to day issues of people (like drainage, hygiene, cleanliness, etc.), they do a lot of good work for the welfare of society. Unfortunately, most of the great work and efforts by the municipalities go unnoticed by their targeted audiences and what comes out (most of the time) is only controversial issues. Through online promotion and marketing, municipalities can also that people are made aware of their good work and positive efforts. Hence, municipalities can also gain from the online promotion and marketing in the longer run. 

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